Your Dream House is One Call Away

Everyone needs a place to call home. Owning a home is a keystone of wealth -both financial affluence and emotional. Whether you are looking for a mansion, single family home, or apartment, at Eunimark Agancies we have a collection of houses to let all around Kinoo Central - Nairobi Kenya.

We Are Eunimark Agencies

What We Do


House Hunting

Everyone needs a place to call home. We spend less time looking for a house and helping clients to move to their new house. Agency fee--20% of one month rent.

Interior Design

When looking to build a home, you need an elegantly designed house that offers an ideal home setting. Get the best designs from our pros!

Eunimark Movers

We offer reliable transport services from your old house to your new house. Our crew will package all your belongings carefully to ensure that no damages or losses are incurred during the transportation process.