Eunimark Referral Program

Refer a friend, and earn when they book a house with us:

Eunimark takes care of your friend/ customer , house bookings, customer service, after sales and much more.
Its free to open your account .
Opening an account on Eunimark is absolutely free. You can open an Account at any time and start referring your friends who might be house hunting as quickly as you can. Our listing are always updated.
Our team of sales agent specialist is always on hand to offer assistance and advice on any of your inquiries about the listings/houses available.

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How it Works

Do you have a friend looking for a house ? How many of your friends are looking for a place to call home?
It is time to go bigger and better -you can now earn by referring your friends to us. We are experts in house hunting This means that if you know of a friend who knows a friend of a friend who is looking for a house, that can now be converted into extra coins!

You only need to sign up and enjoy all the benefits /commissions included–commissions range from 500kes—–3000kes

Remember that signing up is absolutely free, so what else are you waiting for?…..join the EUNIMARK family now and make more money.

You Earn Money

You make commission by referring a client to Eunimark Agencies who reserves a house with us. Your efforts are rewarded: the more you refer friends , the more you earn!

Start Earning

Zero capital to start which is the bedrock to earn.
You are your own Boss you have complete freedom and control over your activities on Eunimark. Build your own successful business. The sky is the limit!
You are in control of your time and how much you can make, with the ability to work from anywhere in the world.